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The weight of china ebikes battery energy of 28-40 Wh / Kg, the volume ratio of the energy of 64-72 Wh / I, too heavy, too big, and less electricity, short service life, as electric bicycles, power supply is generally be able to use about a year, if performance is poor or improper use of only two or three months. In addition, lead-acid battery depth of discharge capacity and low-temperature discharge capacity of the poor, can not fast charge (but the recent fast charging of lead-acid batteries has been some progress) and other shortcomings. Improved lead-acid batteries - colloidal lead-acid batteries, the sulfuric acid electrolyte gel electrolyte substitution, security, storage capacity, the discharge performance and service life than ordinary lead-acid batteries has improved. All in all, the long term, the use of lead-acid batteries in electric vehicles and poor prospects for Scrapped lead-acid batteries may cause secondary pollution due to waste, and this is some local governments refused to support a large number of electric bicycles on the road, one important reason.
Colloidal lead-acid batteries
Gel battery is a common liquid electrolyte lead-acid battery improvements. It uses a gel electrolyte, the internal free liquid electrolyte capacity in the same volume, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, to avoid the general battery is easy to produce thermal runaway; low electrolyte concentration, weak plate corrosion ; uniform concentration, there is no acid stratification phenomenon.
These improvements in a number of important performance better than the valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, for example: the use of stable performance, high reliability, long life, ability to adapt to the ambient temperature (high and low temperature), to withstand a long time discharge capacity, cycle discharge capacity, depth of discharge and the current discharge capacity, charge and over discharge self-protection, 100% discharged battery can continue to be connected to the load, charging in a few weeks can still be restored to the original capacity and so on merit.


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