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china fiber optical cable

china fiber optical cable is a fiber composed of a transparent medium into a concentric double-decker. The most widely used dielectric material is quartz glass (SiO 2).The inner medium called the core, the refractive index higher than the outer layer of media (called cladding). Adjust the refractive index of the core or cladding doped germanium, phosphorus, fluorine, boron and other impurities in the quartz glass. Communication optical fiber transmission wavelengths of 0.8 to 1.7 micron near-infrared light. Type, fiber core diameter, usually a few microns to 100 microns, most of the outside diameter of about 125 microns. It outside of the plastic coating layer. By single or multiple combinations of fiber, the fiber optic cable (Figure 2) and the enhancement and protection is made. The fiber optic cable can be used in various environments. The fiber optic cable manufacturing and cable.
Optical fiber communication is one of the ways of the modern information transmission. It has a large capacity, long distance relay, confidentiality, and is immune to electromagnetic interference, and to save copper.
Glass fiber pass more than 30 years. The initial fiber applications is limited to certain optical machinery and medical equipment (such as light-guided and gastroscopy, etc.), the transmission of visible light, the attenuation of up to 1000 dB / km. In 1966, Charles Kao, first proposed the idea of the silica glass fiber for long-haul optical transmission of information. Became a high-purity quartz fiber with a chemical vapor deposition method in the United States in 1970 reduced to 20 dB / km attenuation, so that long-distance transport becomes a reality. Subsequently, the fiber attenuation is rapid decline in the late 1970s has been reduced to the level of the theoretical limit of 0.2 db / km. The fiber bandwidth increasing bandwidth of the early 1980s, hundreds of GHz · km single-mode fiber has been available and practical. Has developed into the relay distance of over 100 km, the capacity of hundreds of megabits / s optical fiber communication systems. The manufacture of fiber optic communications equipment has developed into an emerging industrial sector. Light intensity and phase change with the change of physical quantities such as temperature, electric field, magnetic field characteristics of the fiber has been used for highly sensitive telemetry sensors.


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