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china ups battery

china ups battery called uninterruptible power supply, waiting a power outage, it can quickly be converted to the "inverter" state, which will not let the computer in use because of a sudden power outage is not enough time to store and lose important documents
Installation Notes
Install the batteries, be sure to observe the following:
1.1 battery not installed in a confined space or near the fire, otherwise there is danger of causing an explosion and fire.
1.2 Do not use vinyl film class may lead to static thing covered batteries, static electricity can sometimes cause an explosion.
1.3 Do not install the batteries, or they may water the risk of electric shock, fire.
1.4 Do not install the battery more than -40 ° C to 60 ° C environment.
1.5 Do not use dust batteries, or may cause a battery short circuit.
1.6 use the battery into the box, pay attention to air circulation.
1.7 Do sticky labels like object to suppress the superstructure, due to the superstructure below the exhaust valve, the gas generated within the battery will not be able to escape.
A. 8 the number of parallel - the floating charge, the plug-in terminal battery can only associate three bolt terminal is not particularly limited, but in parallel the number of small reliability increase. In addition, the parallel wiring, it is necessary to consider making the wiring conductors and the contact resistance between the columns is equivalent to each column charge and discharge battery to maintain a balanced, practical use not more than three.
1.9 At the same time capacity, old and new and different manufacturers of different types of batteries, different values ​​of its characteristics is possible to make the batteries and the machine is damaged, so please avoid using.


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