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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a ebikes battery factory.
ebikes battery maintenance tips:
Avoid large current discharge: electric cars at the start, manned, uphill, pedal power, to avoid instantaneous large current discharge. The large current discharge easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystals, to the detriment of the physical properties of the battery plates.
Proper understanding of the charging time: during use should be based on the actual situation accurately grasp the charging time, the reference is usually the frequency of use and mileage situation, but also pay attention to the size of the capacity provided by the battery manufacturers, and supporting the performance of the charger, the charging current size parameters such as grasp the charging frequency. General battery charging at night, the average charging time in about eight hours. If the shallow discharge (charge mileage is very short), the battery will soon be full charge will continue to overcharge phenomenon occurs, causing the battery to water loss, fever, and lower battery life. Therefore, the battery depth of discharge for one charge 60% ​​-70% of the best riding mileage can be converted into actual use, charging based on actual conditions necessary to avoid harmful charge.
To prevent exposure: exposure to electric vehicles is prohibited in the sun. Leaving the battery temperature environment causes the battery internal pressure increases the pressure limiting valve is forced to automatically open a direct consequence of loss of water, increase battery while the battery is excessive dehydration inevitably lead to a battery activity, accelerated plate soften, charging shell body heat, shells from the drum, deformation fatal injury.
Avoid charging plug fever: the charger output plug loose contact with the surface oxidation phenomena will lead to the charging plug fever heat for too long can cause a short circuit of the charging plug, direct damage to the charger, and lead to unnecessary losses. Found out that the situation should be promptly removed the oxide or replace the connector.


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