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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a ebikes battery suppliers.
ebikes battery: commonly used rechargeable batteries outside in addition to lithium, lead-acid batteries is also very important to a battery system. But its size and weight have not been able to effectively improve the most common or the use of cars, motorcycles launched above. Improved lead-acid batteries, the newly adopted high efficiency of oxygen recombination technology to complete the water regeneration to achieve the purpose of completely sealed do not need to add water, and made free water battery life of up to four years (a single plate voltage of 2V).
Features: the advantages of lead-acid battery is more stable emf discharge, the drawback is that energy (per unit weight of the charge storage energy) is small, strong corrosive action on the environment. Lead-acid batteries, stable operating voltage, wide range of temperature and the use of current, charge and discharge hundreds of cycles, and storage performance (particularly suitable for dry charged storage), low cost, and thus widely used.
How it works: lead-acid battery positive plate group, the negative plate group, the electrolyte and container. Charged positive plate is brown lead dioxide (PbO2), and negative plates are gray velvet-like lead (Pb)-When two plates are placed in concentration from 27% to 37% aqueous solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4), very plates of lead and sulfuric acid react chemically, and the divalent lead positive ions (Pb2 +) is transferred to the electrolyte, leaving two electrons (2e-) in the negative plate. Due to the gravity of the positive and negative charge, the lead positive ions gathered around the negative plate to positive plate in the electrolyte water molecules under the action of a small amount of lead dioxide (PbO2) penetrate the electrolyte, the divalent oxygen ions and water combined , so that the lead dioxide molecules become available from the solution of an unstable substance - hydroxide, lead [Pb (OH4]). Lead hydroxide lead positive ions from 4 prices (Pb4 +) and of four hydroxyl [4 (OH) -]. 4 price of lead in the positive ion (Pb4 +) remain in the positive plate to positive plate to the positively charged. Negatively charged due to the negative plate, and thus between the two plates to produce a certain potential difference, which is the emf of the battery. When connected to the external circuit, the current from the positive flows to negative. During the discharge process, the negative plate electrons continue to flow through the external circuit to the positive plate, this time inside the electrolyte due to the sulfuric acid molecule is ionized into hydrogen positive ions (H +) and sulfate anion (SO42-) ion electrostatic force two ions to the negative plate to positive and negative movement of sulfate anion and lead positive ions combine to form lead sulfate ((PbSO4). in the positive plate, the electrons from the external circuit into the positive ions, while the lead with four price (Pb4 +) Synthesis of divalent lead ions (Pb2 +), and immediately near the positive plate of the sulfate anion combine to form lead sulfate is attached to the cathode.


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