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Four types of ebikes battery:
Currently able to be used in electric bicycles have the following four power batteries, VRLA maintenance-free batteries, gel lead-acid batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries.
Lead-acid batteries
Currently on the market can provide a large number of lead-acid batteries, lead acid batteries have been 130 years of history can be said to use up the battery. It's reliable, mature production technology, the price is also lower. The vast majority of the commercialization of the electric bicycle is the use of sealed lead-acid batteries do not need to add water, maintenance-free use. The main chemical reaction is: PbO2 by +2 of H2SO4 + Pb ← charge, discharge → PhSO4 +2 H2O + PhSO4
Lead-acid battery charging becomes spongy lead of the Yin and Yang of the lead sulfate released into the sulfuric acid composition in which the electrolyte, respectively, become spongy lead and lead oxide, sulfuric acid concentration in the electrolyte becomes larger and larger; discharge reaction in the anode lead oxide and sulfuric acid in the spongy lead and the electrolyte of the cathode board into lead sulfate, the sulfuric acid concentration in the electrolyte to continuously reduce. Lead-acid battery is insufficiently charged, the yin and yang, the two plates of lead sulfate can not be completely converted into spongy lead and lead oxide, if the charge long enough, it will cause crystallization of lead sulfate, so that the plate curing, the battery quality could deteriorate; battery from overcharging, the anode to produce oxygen adsorption capacity is greater than the cathode, making the pressure increase within the battery, causing gas to spill, reduce electrolyte can also lead to softening or loss of active substances, battery life is greatly shortened.


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