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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a fiber optical cable Manufacturer,Our equipments are advanced in the line, which were from imported Austria and Western Europe.
fiber optical cable transmission carrier is light, although the band is very wide, but it does not take full advantage of this is due to light dispersion in optical fibers (mode dispersion, material dispersion and waveguide dispersion) sake. Them in varying degrees, affect the optical fiber bandwidth.
Mode dispersion is different due to different modes of light in the core - packet interface on the angle of total reflection, the journey of twists and turns of varying lengths. Thus, a beam of light pulse incident fiber, it contains the end of each mode to reach a certain distance transmission will be successively, and thus cause pulse broadening. It allows a bunch of narrow pulses show wide 20 ns / km, the corresponding bandwidth of the fiber is about 20 MHz · km.
Material dispersion is the dispersion in one mold. Optical fiber transmission even if the laser, also contains a wide spectrum of different wavelengths of light components. For example, GaAlAs Optical semiconductor lasers emit laser spectral width of 2 nm. Light transmission speed in the medium with refractive index n, quartz medium refractive index changes with wavelength, so when a beam of light pulses incident fiber, even in the same mode, the transmission group velocity will be different optical wavelength difference , resulting to reach the finishing point of the pulse spreading wide, this is the material dispersion. In the vicinity of 1.3 microns, a very small refractive index changes with wavelength, material dispersion is small (eg 3 ps / km · nm). Eliminate mode dispersion enables fiber bandwidth greatly improve. Pure quartz has a zero dispersion wavelength of 1.27 microns features.
Waveguide dispersion is one kind of mode dispersion, is caused due to the mode propagation constant with wavelength change caused by differences in group velocity. Waveguide dispersion is smaller. Near the 1.3 micron wavelength, material dispersion decreases significantly, so that the two are roughly the same, and may cancel each other out. The type of fiber materials used in sub-quartz fiber, and several categories of multi-component glass fiber, plastic clad fiber and plastic optical fiber. Quartz fiber high-purity SiO2 glass fiber materials, with low attenuation, frequency bandwidth advantages, dominant in the research and application. Such as mutant fiber and graded index optical fiber core refractive index classification. According to the mode of transmission of light points, multi-mode fiber and single-mode fiber.


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