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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a fiber optical cable suppliers,company welcome interested companies worldwide to contact us for further cooperation.
fiber optical cable transmission based on the principle of total reflection of the available light in the interface of two media. Figure 3 mutant fiber, n1 is the refractive index of the core media, n2 is the packet layer of the medium refractive index n1 greater than n2, into the core of the light reaching the core and cladding interface (referred to as the core - packet interface) when the angle of incidence greater than the total reflection critical angle θc total reflection can occur without light energy, revealed a core, the incident will be able to transfer forward by numerous total reflection at the interface.
When the fiber is bent, the interface normal steering angle of incidence is small, and therefore part of the light incident angle becomes less than θc can not be total reflection. But the original angle of incidence larger light can still be total internal reflection, fiber bending time can still transfer, but will lead to energy loss. Typically, the bending radius greater than 50 to 100 mm, and its loss can be negligible. The slight bend will cause severe microbending loss.
People often use electromagnetic theory to further study the mechanism of the optical fiber transmission by the optical dielectric waveguide boundary conditions to solve the wave equation. The propagation of light in the fiber contains many patterns, each pattern represents a distribution of electromagnetic field, and geometrical optics to describe a light that corresponds to. Conduction mode fiber depends on fiber normalized frequency ν value
Fiber attenuation factors of the scattering loss, absorption loss and microbending loss. Scattering loss mainly by Rayleigh scattering, which is caused by the irregular molecular structure of the glass micro-refractive index fluctuations caused by the inherent loss of the optical fiber, optical attenuation minimum. It is inversely proportional to λ4. Wavelength of less than 0.8 μm, the Rayleigh scattering loss is rising rapidly, limiting the use of fiber. Fiber matrix material SiO2 and doped oxide molecules, the intrinsic absorption loss and fiber attenuation increases rapidly when the wavelength is greater than 1.7 micron. Therefore, the use of such optical fiber wavelength is limited to within the 0.8 to 1.7 micron range


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