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Zhejiang communications equipment market dragons and fishes jumbled together

the 2012 commodity consumer complaint cases, Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau announced on the 11th, most household electrical and electronic goods caseload, the phone class communications equipment the complaints hold high top. Relevant responsible person said, the communications equipment market was mixed, the market is flooded with smuggled mobile phones, refurbished phones, mobile phones and other counterfeit and shoddy.

Jianggan District Court has dealt with one case, the floor Mr. Apple mobile phone to send customers bought from a large supermarket, customers have found that the phone optical fiber cable actually there is a strange man photo. Mr. House suspects supermarkets selling refurbished machines require a compensable back ", and asked the supermarket admitted selling refurbished machines, and a formal apology. The supermarket is willing to "retreat one lose one", but refused to apologize and therefore the Floor Mr. supermarket dispute has been referred to the court.

2012 Consumer Complaints Analysis report released by the Trade and Industry Bureau of Zhejiang Province. The report shows that the 2012 the commodity consumer complaints cases total of 55,096, household electrical and electronic goods, the primacy of appeal cases to 16,458, accounting for 29.87% of the total complaints. Household electrical and electronic goods complaints, mobile phone communications equipment, the volume of complaints over 7000, close to half of the complaints of household electrical and electronic goods.

Zhejiang Industry and Commerce fiber optical cable Wholesalers Bureau of Consumer Protection Branch is responsible for the analysis, communications equipment residing in the dominant position of the complainant the amount of household electrical and electronic goods, caused by the reasons for this phenomenon is that: First, with the improvement of people's living standards, consumer demand for communications equipment exists significantly larger rigid demand; communications equipment market there is the case of cohabitation, smuggling mobile phones, refurbished cell phones, fake and shoddy phone market is flooded with quality and after-sales service can not be guaranteed; Third, some communications equipment manufacturers often focus on refurbishment pattern, form and function to ignore the protection of the inherent quality of the phone, causing many consumers to lodge their complaints on the quality of the communications equipment.
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