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Rapid growth of communications equipment sales of popular online shopping

As the country's most populous city and commercial center of the optical fiber cable suppliers traditional, the Shanghai market what goods selling unmarketable? Trendy kind of marketing behind? Reflects the latest changes of the Chinese consumers and the Chinese economy.

Reporters recently at the 2013 Shanghai conference on business and was informed that the 16 categories of goods in the Shanghai market in 2012, 11 categories of goods sales compared to 2011 are realized positive growth, which smart phone and fiber-optic broadband communications equipment goods represented an increase ups battery suppliers of up to 55.6%, ranking first; electronic publications and audiovisual products, an increase of 15.5%, ranking second. Closely associated with these two types of goods online shopping transaction volume of 65.8 billion yuan, year jumped nearly 1.4 times more than in 2011.

"Grad". In 2012, the Shanghai market has four major categories of merchandise sales of negative growth. Hardware & Electrical Materials dropped 14.4%, sports, entertainment goods decreased by 4.4%, 2.8% decline in gold and silver jewelry, a decrease of 2.1% in construction and decoration materials. From which not only can be seen in the impact of the regulation of the real estate market, but also feel the changes in the status of the fluctuations in the international price of gold as well as diamonds and other commodities consumer.
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