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Chaoyang communications industry technology to lead the future

    China TMT technology inside, especially high-tech fiber optical cable communication technology is often the feelings of the people will be advanced. Mobile communication technology is the same, the look is out of touch with the people, is ahead, but in fact it is very necessary. Recently, the communication technology has a signaling storm things, future communications equipment when each user the hands of not one, may be three, four, five, the entire Internet, communication networks, operating mechanism will have changed profoundly changed. Now operating mechanism can not guarantee that the entire network had explosive growth of demand, which is able to withstand the industry to consider in advance.

    The communications industry is lifepo4 battery definitely not a sunset industry, the industry has only just begun. In fact, IT and CT fusion, so to bring them together is called ICT. Mobile communication technology is combined with the Internet in the future, and IT technology is a combination of the future must be in three dimensions, clouds, pipes and end. 1G, 2G, 5G is the level of the middle of the pipe, in fact, a large number of data stored locally in the future should be thrown above the clouds, so do not carry anything, do not worry about lost; side part is the variety of applications terminal, several PAD from the original only a cell phone, and now all sorts of things, which is the concept of the system.
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