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Under the conditions of a new generation of IT ITS FEATURES

     An efficient Intelligent Transportation Systems include: complete and real-time traffic information collection; safe, and efficient real-time data exchange; traffic management centers, the user terminal software developed by the idea of ​​intelligent systems, and powerful computing and identification capabilities; the whole system is controlled by intelligent information processing and knowledge-oriented composition. Here special emphasis is ability to identify and control, of course, this control includes different levels of control, which is the biggest difference with the information.china optical fiber cable These features have a new generation of intelligent transportation systems for people to travel, traffic management and emergency rescue brings the following four benefits.

     Support for multiple transport coordinated operation and control. The city roads, highways, public transportation, hubs, such as different scales running as an input parameter, you can get important macro-control programs and control of strategic points of control, to achieve optimal overall transportation system running.

     The formation of a new generation of traffic information service system. Whether high-speed vehicles, or people take the bus, walk, can get reliable and credible information services. The vehicle position can be obtained online monitoring and safety warning. Important parts of the vehicle to provide a unique IP, used to achieve operational status and identification of traffic operating environment, and to provide active push and two-way interactive information services.

     Scheduling and operation of public ebikes battery transport services more humane and intelligent. Including exclusive bus lane buses have automatic grouping and intelligent queue run, expanding intelligent scheduling and dispatching system and taxi operators and service scheduling.

     Between road and vehicle data anywhere, anytime interact vehicles at roadside wireless communication system consisting of network, realize that online car. This will not only resorted Walker still at high speeds on the network, but also through low-latency high-speed wireless local area network to achieve a security warning and vehicle control as the goal of cooperative systems and vehicle road truck cooperative system.
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