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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a optical fiber cable Wholesalers,We have perfect quality control system with accordance to ISO9001.
Fiber is a communications cable, two or more glass or plastic fiber core, the fiber core is located within the protective coating, covered by plastic PVC outer casing. Along the internal fiber-optic signal transmission generally use infrared.
Classification of optical fiber cable:
Mutant fiber: the core part of the refractive index remains unchanged, while mutations in the refractive index of the core - packet interface. The core of the ray track were jagged broken line. This fiber mode dispersion, bandwidth, only a few dozen MHz · km. Often made ​​of the large core diameter, numerical aperture (for example, the core diameter of 100 microns of NA 0.30) fiber to improve the coupling efficiency with the light source is suitable for short-range, small-capacity communications system.
Graded index optical fiber: core refractive index profile shown in Figure 4. The core center of the highest refractive index, press along the radial-gradient:
n (r) = n1 [1-2 Jian (r / ɑ) α] 1/2 (2)
Where α is the refractive index distribution of the index. The core of this fiber is divided into multiple layers of fiber mutant to analyze the transmission principle. Can be approximated in the analysis that the refractive index uniformity within the layers. When the angle of incidence for the θ0 light incident core after the interface of the layers followed by refraction. According to the law of refraction, the refraction angle θ1 gradually increases until it is greater than the critical angle for total internal reflection, θc is; occurrence of total reflection, that is folded to the center of the core. Then, through the layers when the angle of refraction also decreases gradually to reach the center is still θ0 is. The resulting light was sinusoidal trajectory. High-order mode, the angle of incidence larger light in the region near the cladding, the refractive index of smaller, the speed of light larger, so the long distance transmission time is still possible with low-order modes in the central area close to or consistent, that the light path of each mode can be focused on that mode dispersion greatly reduced. When the refractive index profile close to parabolic (α = 2), the mode dispersion bandwidth Da Jihe · km level.


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