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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a storage battery Manufacturer.
The capacity of the storage battery:
Capacity test, the relationship between discharge rate and capacity are as follows:
Prohibited reach the above voltage also continue to continue to discharge, discharge deeper battery within the temperature rises, the active material degradation is more severe, thereby shortening build
Battery: battery life.
Therefore, forklifts, battery voltage when the load rose if reached 1.75v/cell, (24cell the 42v, 12cell 21v)), you should stop using it immediately charge.
3. Battery temperature and capacity
When the battery temperature is reduced, its capacity for the following reasons will be substantially reduced.
(A) electrolyte is not easy to spread, bipolar active substances of the chemical reaction rate is slow.
(B) the impedance of the electrolyte is increased, the battery voltage drops, the 5HR capacity of the battery with the battery temperature drop reduced.
A. In winter than in summer, use of time is short.
Two. Especially for use in the freezer the battery discharge large, leaving the actual use of time was significantly shortened.
3 Ruoyu to extend the use of time, before the winter or into the freezer, you should raise its temperature.
4. Discharge and life
5 daily charge and discharge cycles for use, the battery life will be the depth of the discharge volume, and be affected.


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