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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a storage battery Wholesalers.
storage battery charging errors:
A new battery without initial charging: the battery the first charge as the initial charge, initial charge on the battery life and charge capacity has a great influence. Insufficiently charged, the battery charge capacity is not high, life is also short; if excessive charging, the battery is good electrical properties, but also shorten its life, so the initial charge the new batteries to be carried out carefully. Charge of the beginning for ordinary batteries before use according to the charging specifications. For dry-charged lead-acid batteries, according to the manual, although the requirement of two years during storage For use, simply add the required density of the electrolyte set aside for 15 minutes, do not need to charge can be put into use. However, if the storage of more than two years, the plate partial oxidation, and then supplement charge before use in order to improve its charge capacity, charge 5h-8h.
Battery trickle charge: some drivers often ignore the supplementary charge on car batteries. Battery charge in the car thoroughly, could easily lead to plate curing; the same time, filling in the use and discharge of electricity is an imbalance, if the discharge is greater than the charge leaving the battery in the long-term loss of power status, battery plates will slow slow curing. This chronic curing, make the battery charge capacity continue to lower until the weak start, greatly shorten the battery life. Restore the active substances in a timely manner so that the battery plates, reducing the plate curing, improve the battery charge capacity, extending its life, should be regularly carried out in the car battery trickle charge.
Battery Overcharge: often overcharge the battery, even if the charging current is small, but the electrolyte is a long time "boiling" In addition to the fine particles of the active material surface is easy to fall off, but also to excessive oxidation of the gate frame, resulting in active substances and gate frame loose peel.
Charging polarity of the charge is inverted: the battery positive and negative electrode materials, In addition to the active substance, the negative plate added barium sulfate, humic acid, carbon black and rosin and other materials used to prevent shrinkage and oxidation of the negative plates. In addition, the number of negative plates for each single-cell battery is always better than the positive plate number more than a little thin, and the negative plate than positive plate. Anti-cause the battery charge, so that positive and negative almost turned into a coarse grain of PbSO4, resulting in insufficient capacity of the battery charge is not working properly, or even lead to the battery when the battery initial charge or trickle charge, if not pay attention to polarity, scrapped. Therefore, the charge must pay attention to polarity must not be the polarity of the charge anti-


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