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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a storage battery factory.
storage battery discharge and the proportion of: the battery electrolyte specific gravity is almost proportional to the discharge amount. Thus, according to the proportion and the proportion of 10% discharge when the battery is completely discharged, you can figure out the best way to charge storage Determination of lead-acid batteries the electrolyte specific gravity is learned that the discharge amount. Therefore, regular measured using the proportion, in order to avoid excessive discharge, measuring the proportion, we also measured the temperature of the electrolyte, the proportion of the conversion to 20 ° C, do not make it down to below 80% of the value of the discharge amount of .
Discharge status and the internal impedance: internal impedance due to the increase in discharge capacity increased, especially when the discharge end point impedance maximum, the main conduct discharge is a poor conductor of current plate within - the decline in lead sulfate and the electrolyte specific gravity, are mentioned (namely, literature lead to enhanced internal impedance, so the discharge, be sure to immediately charge, if any state of continuous discharge, lead sulfate to form a stable white crystalline sulfide), even if the charge, the active material of the plate also unable to restitution, and will shorten the battery's useful life.
White lead sulphate: the battery discharge is overcast, the anode plate at the same time produce sulfuric acid lead (PbS04,), if any sustained discharge, not charging, the last to form a stable white lead sulfate crystals (even recharge, be difficult to restore the original active substances) in this state known as the white sulfide phenomenon.
Discharge temperature: When the battery over-discharge, internal impedance, a significant increase in battery temperature will rise. Discharge when the temperature will increase the temperature when charging is complete, the discharge end of the temperature controlled at below 40 ℃ for the best.


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