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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a ups battery Manufacturer.
UPS battery charger designed to affect the reliability of battery:
Battery charger UPS very important part of the battery charging conditions have a significant impact on battery life. If the battery has been in a constant pressure or "float" electrical charge state, the UPS battery life is to maximize. In fact the life of the battery state of charge than the simple life to save the state much longer. Can delay the natural aging process of the battery because the battery charge, so the UPS, whether running or shut down the state should keep the battery charge.
Battery voltage affect the battery reliability
The battery is a single "primary cells" component, each of the original battery voltage is about 2 volts, the original batteries in series to form the high voltage battery, a 12 volt battery consists of six primary batteries, 24 volt battery from 12 of the original cell and so on. UPS battery charging, each series of the original battery is charged. The original battery with a slightly different performance will lead to some of the original battery charging voltage is higher than other primary battery, this part of the battery will be premature aging. As long as the series a original battery for the elderly poor performance, the battery performance will also decline. The test proved the number of primary cells of the battery life and series related to the battery voltage is higher, the faster aging.
UPS capacity is fixed, the design should be as much as possible so that the lowest battery voltage, so that the UPS battery life longer, when the battery voltage, you should select a small number of voltage primary cells series battery, do not select the number of multi-voltage and low batteries in series battery. Some manufacturers of UPS battery voltage is relatively high, because the capacity of certain higher the voltage, the smaller the current, you can choose the smaller wires and smaller power semiconductor and thereby reducing the UPS cost. Capacity 1KVA UPS battery voltage is generally 24 ¯ 96V.


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