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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a ups battery factory.
UPS battery ripple current affects battery reliability
Ideally, in order to extend the UPS battery life, should allow the battery is always kept in the "float" charging or constant voltage charge status. This state, power state, a fully charged battery will absorb a small charger current, it is called a "floating" or "self-discharge current. Although battery manufacturers such recommendation, some UPS design (line) to the battery to withstand the additional current, called the ripple current. The ripple current is generated when the battery to the inverter, because, according to the principle of conservation of energy, the inverter must have the input DC to AC output. This battery has formed a small charge and discharge cycles, the charge and discharge current frequency is twice that of the UPS output frequency (50 or 60Hz).
Ordinary back-up, line interactive UPS will not backup / ferromagnetic-type ripple current, other designs UPS will have a size ranging from ripple current, which depends on the design method. Just check the UPS chart can know that the UPS can produce ripple current.
If the on-line UPS battery charger and inverter, then the battery will have a ripple current, which is the ordinary "double conversion" UPS.
If the cut-off diode, relay, converter or rectifier to the battery and inverter to isolate, then the battery would not have the ripple current. Of course, this design UPS does not always have been "online", so this UPS is known as "mixed reserve / on-line UPS.
The battery is the most unreliable part of the UPS system, UPS design was good or bad directly affects the reliability of the battery. The battery has maintained the state of charge (even if the UPS shutdown) to extend battery life, try to avoid using UPS battery voltage. The UPS design makes battery ripple current, caused by the overheating of the battery unnecessarily. Most UPS use batteries are similar, but the UPS design will greatly affect battery life.
One battery is 12v, the UPS to be connected to 96V, that is to pick 8. The server is 780W, plus 20%, approximately 1000W, 2 hours, each cell is about 20AH 8 nominal capacity 24AH battery.


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