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Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a ups battery suppliers,company welcome interested companies worldwide to contact us for further cooperation.
Daily inspection and maintenance and safekeeping of the UPS battery:
A. Check the battery regularly, such as the appearance of dust and other pollution, with water or a piece of cloth soaked in warm water for cleaning. Do not
Also, please avoid the use of chemical fiber cloth for cleaning, gasoline, bananas, water and other organic solvents or oils.
Two. Float, the total voltage of the battery charging process or direction of plate voltage meter indicator values ​​deviate from the following table shows the baseline values ​​(± 0.05V / single
Cells) should investigate the reasons for processing.
Edit this paragraph on the battery life:
Even if the UPS is the same battery technology, the battery life of different manufacturers is not the same, this is very important to the user, because the high cost of replacement batteries (about 30% of the price of the UPS). Battery failure will reduce the reliability of the system is very annoying thing.
The temperature of the battery affect the battery reliability
Temperature have a significant impact on the natural aging process of the battery. The detailed experimental data show that a temperature increase of 5 degrees Celsius, the battery life is decreased by 10%, the UPS shall be designed to keep the battery as much as possible temperature. All on-line and reserve / hybrid UPS standby or line interactive UPS runtime heat (the former want to install the fan), this is also the back-up or line interactive UPS battery replacement cycle is relatively long an important reasons.
UPS battery custody:
A. Please note that the temperature should not exceed -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ range custody
Two. Custody of the battery, the battery must be fully charged state custody. In transit or during storage due to loss of self-discharge
Part of the capacity, the use of supplementary charge.
3. To compensate for the custody of the self-discharge during long-term storage, supplementary charge.
More than 40C under the conditions of custody, a very bad impact on battery life, avoid!
4. In dry and low temperature, well-ventilated place for safekeeping.
5 Battery pack in the custody or transfer process, accidentally get wet, you should immediately get rid of the packing carton to avoid water-wet cardboard boxes
Conductor caused by battery discharge or burn the positive terminal.


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