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ups battery called an uninterruptible power supply, because the power goes out, it can quickly be converted to the "inverter" state, so as not to lose because of a sudden power outage is not enough time to store important documents so that the computer is in use.Not used as standby power, if you just want to have access to electricity when power outages, light to buy the inverter is enough. General home UPS with most maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.
Use common sense of the battery
One on charge
A floating charge, with the charging voltage is 2.275V / single cell (20 ° C when the set value), constant voltage charging or 0.002CA following the current constant current charging. Temperature below 0C or above 40C, it is necessary to amend the charging voltage and 20C as a starting point for every degree change, changes in the single cell voltage-3mv.
2, cycle charging, the charging voltage 2.40-2.50V / single cell (20 ° C when the set value), constant voltage voltage charging. Temperature charging more than 5C below or 35 ° C to 20 ° C, as a starting point, each degree change in charge voltage adjustment-4mv / single cell.
Charge the initial current is controlled in the following 0.25CA.
The charge level is set to discharge the amount of 100-120%, but the environmental temperature is below 5C, set at 120-130%.
Charging the end of the lower temperature (5C) the longer the higher the temperature (35C or more) and more prone to overcharge, especially in the recycling, 5C ~ 30C charge better.
In order to prevent overcharge try to install the charging timer or automatically converted to a trickle charge.
Charging when the battery temperature to be controlled in the range of-15C to +40 C


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